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"Uh. It's Tobias. Leave a message."
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Living arrangements: With Jimmy ([personal profile] anexcitableboy) in Goldenrod.

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ples help

trainer unevolved not think it same trainer john say it is

john is gallade

trainer als not let us near him

buttons hard to push john tel me which to push

trinaer cry at night like cubone

pls help

trainer name tobias john say put that

pls help thnk u
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[Let's just ignore Valetine's Day shall we? Tobias has something else he wants to talk about right now anyway. Such as... well. His room seems to have a nice little pile of blankets set up in front of the camera, with a bunch of eggs tucked into them all snug and warm.]

[He turns the camera from them back to himself, smiling.]

So my Pokemon had a bunch of eggs, and I'd been really busy so I didn't get to put up an offer for them. I think some of them aren't the best pairings, but... hopefully people like them anyway? I started this off to get some Munna eggs, and I've got two available for free. I... noticed a lot of people around here come off of some bad situations, and Munna help with nightmares. They don't cure them completely, but they do help.

I've also got some Espurr, Teddiursa, Pidove, Zorua, Amaura, Charmander, and Flaafy eggs available.

And I should mention to the new people who might not know - I consider myself pretty experienced with any sort of bird-like Pokemon, so if you're ever having trouble with one of them let me know. I might be able to help out and figure out what's wrong.

[He waves and shuts off the feed.]

[[ooc; There's still plenty of eggs left on his post!]]
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[It's a good thing that Tobias lives in a house now, because the sight that greets the network right now is way too big for a tent. A Braviary is perched on the floor, eyes closed. A Noivern leans against him, a Noibat perched on his head. A Charizard flops next to them, tail burning low, and a Talonflame is perched next to him.]

[Five Spritzee huddle in a pile nearby, all asleep. An Empoleon is flopped over on his back next to them, beak clacking as he dreams. An Aerodactyl broods nearby, eyes closed, and a Scizor and Hawlucha rest next to him. And in the middle of it all is Tobias, curled up with a blanket, a pillow, and a Swablu, Emolga, Farfetch'd, and Pidgey all spread out on top of him.]

[And who's holding the camera? Well, if the quiet grumbling laughter wasn't enough, the big brown paw and bearish grin that suddenly appears is enough to identify Rachel the Ursaring as she shuts the video off.]
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[... Oh. Tobias happened to look at the date, and think back. It's... weird to think that he's been here so long, but he feels the need to reflect on it. He's not really a public person, but... there are things he has to say. So when he turns the video on, it's with him sitting on a couch with Regal's head on his lap.]

I didn't notice it earlier in the month, but I've been here a year. Kind of. I mean... I went home for a bit but I came back, so adding it all together I've spent a year here. It's... kind of weird here, still. Not that I'm a stranger to weird creatures, but it's... different. This place is nice, and with the exception of one of those teams starting trouble, it's peaceful here.

[He looks down to scratch Regal's head gently, before looking back at the camera.]

... There's a lot of people here that don't care who you are or where you came from, and I mean that in a good way. As long as you don't start trouble with people, people are usually nice. You could have been someone high ranking or you could have been the janitor or something, and it doesn't matter. I mean... I'm a bird most of the time at home, and people here don't seem to mind. People are friendly and nice and...

[He needs to stop that line of thinking, he's having an emotion.]

... I mean. ... There's a lot of great people here. And as far as I'm concerned... this place is more of a home than a lot of places I've been. So... I guess I just wanted to say thanks to people, even the people who aren't here anymore. And... here's to some more great years.

[He turns the camera to Regal, who squawks happily at the feed, before turning off the Pokegear.]
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[... He's awake. He's awake and he's inside somewhere and that's not where he was last, so he bolts outdoors as fast as he can, heedless of the weather or the fact that it's the middle of the night. It's wet, but he doesn't care - he hops on Regal and flies out of town as fast as he can, heading towards Ilex Forest.]

[Regal can tell that Tobias isn't doing well, but he can't make it there before he has to land. Tobias takes shelter under a tree, and types out a brief message to the network.]

im awake again if anyone was looking for me went home or something

i dont want to talk about it

[That's it. He curls up on the grass and starts crying, and Regal tries to comfort him but Tobias just stiffens when he's touched, so Regal just sits next to him awkwardly and tries to rest.]

[Then again, since the biannual weirdness has just ended, it wouldn't be surprising if people are in random places, so if someone has managed to end up on Route 34 near Ilex Forest, it's not exactly hard to spot the giant bird near the side of the road.]

[[ooc; Just as a warning, there's going to be spoilers in this post for the end of Animorphs!]]

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May. 4th, 2015 09:51 pm
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- There.

[Tobias moves back from the camera so that everyone can be seen in the shot. He's sitting in a park today, back in Goldenrod. Regal the Braviary is sitting next to him, but he's also got a Hawlucha, a Talonflame, some Spritzee, an Empoleon, and a Swablu with him. He clears his throat a little, indicating to the group to settle down.]

Right. So... I was thinking about something that I might be able to help other people with. It's... kind of weird, so hear me out on this one.

I have kind of an... understanding with birds. I can't read their minds or anything, but I know a lot about birds back home, and it's helped me out here. Especially with the bird-like Pokemon that are more like birds of prey... or really territorial, like Nacho here.

[The Hawlucha moves a little closer at the mention of his name, and Tobias scratches one of his wing joints gently.]

So I thought that if anyone is having problem with bird-like Pokemon, I could help out? I'm not going to claim I can fix every problem, but I might be able to help you figure out more of what's going on. At the very least, if you're really having problems it might be better than nothing, right?

Oh. Uh... and my name's Tobias, if we haven't met. Just let me know if you want me to help. ... Thanks.

[He reaches over for the Pokegear and turns it off.]
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[The video opens with a Braviary, a Ditto, a Zoroark, and a Pangoro huddled around a small clutch of eggs. The Braviary looks pretty proud, the Zoroark and the Pangoro look kind of indifferent, and the Ditto just looks... neutral. There's a sigh, and Tobias turns the camera around to address the network.]

See, I shouldn't have opened my mouth. I shouldn't have said anything, because now I've got a bunch of eggs. I really do have too many Pokemon already, and - look, just take the eggs. Please. I -

[He looks over at the newly evolved Pangoro, who just grins at him off-screen.]

There's at least one of this group that I really don't want to think about having sex so someone just take them.

[He clicks the video off and - he needs to dunk his head in some cold water. Marco please.]
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[He can do this. Who cares if people think he's weird for this? He has people who don't think that, too. He turns on the video and smiles a tiny bit, before speaking.]

So I'm just wondering... a couple of things, really. First of all, how many people are here who are under the age of twenty? It feels like that's a lot of people here - more than you'd usually see in any kind of population. Has anyone tracked that kind of stuff?

And second...

[Here we go.]

How many people had what people might call... powers or abilities or magic at home? Like, stuff that most people can't do but you can do? I'm not counting if you come from some kind of world where magic is common, but where it's rare and people would stare at you for doing it, that's what I mean.

[... He's kind of run out of steam.]

Th... that's what I was wondering. Let me know. I'm not trying to like... track people down or something. I'm just curious.

[He flicks the video off and goes to get a drink of water. That was kind of scary.]
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[Today is a good day. Not because of the weather, but because when Tobias wakes up, he's back in his old body. Not the human one, but the one that's become incredibly comfortable for him over the past few years.]

[You might catch him flying high above people, but he's more content to perch in a tree and watch as people go past. The local birds seem uncomfortable with him, but that's okay. He can't exactly use a Pokeball while like this anyway.]

[Eventually though he calms down and morphs to human (and puts on clothes) long enough to make a post.]


[Tobias' cheeks are flushed with excitement, and he's grinning from ear to ear.]

They're back! I mean I'm back. I mean I can do it again. Is anyone else getting... uh... 'abilities' back? I'm kind of curious...

[Regal butts his head into the shot and Tobias jerks his head away to avoid getting a feathery mouthful.]

Sorry, Regal. I can't exactly ride you like that...
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[Tobias isn't usually the most excited and bouncy of people, but today he looks absolutely overjoyed. Why? Well... the reason is standing next to him, in the form of a bird as big as him. He has an arm around the bird's neck, grinning from ear to ear.]

Regal evolved! It took him a while, but he finally did it!

[He gives the bird a squeeze, and nuzzles his feathers. When he looks at the camera again, his cheeks are a little wet. ... He's not crying. Shush.]

Now all we need to do is to get him a Fly HM, and we can take to the skies. I'm really really proud of him. He worked really hard to do this.

[... He's gonna start crying again, so he just smiles a little shakily and turns off the recording.]
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[The video clicks on, and there is... well. There's a Rufflet and an Ursaring in colorful party hats.]

[In an inn room. He finally sprung for one tonight, yeah. Tobias turns the camera around and grins, though it's a little bit of a crooked grin. His last birthday... didn't go so well. Or was that the birthday before? The last birthday he paid attention to the date on, at least. Anyway.]

What kind of stuff do you guys do for your birthday where you're from? I never really did much for mine, so I decided to get a room for the night. It's kind of nice here, though it's sort of expensive...

[... He's probably going to go back to sleeping outside tomorrow night. Oh well.]

... Maybe we'll go out to eat or somethi -

[Aaand the Ursaring tackles him, and Tobias is left flailing under a pile of brown fur.]

Rachel! You're too big now! Get off!

[The Ursaring just laughs and Tobias crawls out from under her, turning the video off as her party hat falls and bonks him on the head.]
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[This is stupid. This is so, so stupid. But he has to ask because it's distressing him a lot and he really needs to know. He tries changing up his typing style so people can't trace it back to him.]

so was anyone like

something else before they came here

like something not human

i really need to know

thats it i guess

i dont know this is stupid maybe ill just delete it but

i had to ask

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Aug. 14th, 2014 04:58 am
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What do you do when you can't sleep? Probably a stupid question, but it's too quiet here. Too much time to think about things.

If that's not a good question for you, then what's there to do here at night other than look for the nocturnal kinds of Pokemon? I grew up near the coast, in the suburbs. There was always at least something open, but here the towns are kind of... smaller.
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[There's a... very uncertain-looking young man peering into the camera. He's really not sure what to make of any of this. It's a little hard to believe that he's like this, and he can't morph, and that there are Pokemon.]

[... He's trying to keep it together.]

So... uh.

[Great start, Tobias.]

I guess... I'm stuck here? No one in town really had anything useful to say. None of this makes much sense. And I'm guessing asking how to get home isn't going to get me any real answers, either.

[There's a squawk off-camera, and he looks concerned for a minute.]

I'm guessing the first step is to head to the next town, right? And start building up a team...

[... Why did he make this broadcast anyway?]

... If anyone's got any advice for that kind of thing, feel free to give it.

[He clicks the broadcast off.]


[He's not in New Bark Town anymore. He's nearby, but he's sitting in a small area free of tall grass, staring down his Pokemon. What's a Rufflet, anyway? ... At least the body language is familiar. He holds out his hand, waiting for the little Pokemon to approach.]

[... This might take a while.]


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